Quantum Condensed Matter Research Group

Principal Investigator

PI Name Franco Nori
Degree Ph.D.
Title Group Director
Brief Resume
1987Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
1987Research Fellow, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
1990Assistant, 1996, Associate, 2004, Full Professor, University of Michigan, USA
2001Team Leader, Digital Materials Team, Frontier Research System and Advanced Science Institute, RIKEN
2013Group Director, Quantum Condensed Matter Research Group, Quantum Information Electronics Division, RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science (-present)



We perform research in theoretical condensed matter physics, atomic physics, quantum information, computational physics, transport phenomena, energy conversion and solar energy. Our research work is interdisciplinary and also explores the interface between atomic physics, quantum optics, nano-science, and computing. We are also studying superconducting Josephson-junction qubits, nano-mechanics, hybrid quantum electro-mechanical systems, quantum nano-electronics, quantum emulators, artificial photosynthesis, and light-to-electricity conversion. An underlying theme of our work is to better understand nano-scale quantum systems and devise methods to control them. We use physical models to make predictions that can be tested experimentally and that can be used to better understand the observed phenomena.

Research Fields

Physics, Engineering, Materials Sciences, Biology, Computer Science, Multidisciplinary


Condensed matter physics
Atomic physics
Quantum optics
Artificial atoms
Superconducting qubits
Quantum information processing


Interdisciplinary theoretical investigations in atomic physics, quantum optics, and condensed matter physics, applied to quantum nano-electronics

Our group has obtained various new research results doing interdisciplinary theoretical and computational investigations in atomic physics, quantum optics, and condensed matter physics, in the context of engineered quantum nano-electronics. We have uncovered new phenomena in semi- and super-conducting electrical devices, behaving as artificial atoms, which provide an unprecedented platform for experimentally realizing controlled and designable quantum systems. These devices allow the creation of circuit analogues and simulations of quantum phenomena from a wide range of fields of physics and chemistry. We also pioneered the study of electron vortex beams and other optics-like phenomena. Interdisciplinary research on this type (often in collaboration with experimentalists) will continue catalyzing discoveries and make new connections between various subfields of physics.

Top part of the figure: a fast-oscillating mirror produces quantum-correlated photon pairs.
Bottom part of the figure: a dc SQUID with a very fast oscillating applied magnetic flux mimics the very fast-oscillating mirror.
(PRL 2009, PRA 2010, Nature, 2011, Rev. Mod. Phys. 2012, PRA 2013)


Franco Nori

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