Quantum System Theory Research Team

Principal Investigator

PI Name Daniel Loss
Degree Ph.D.
Title Team Leader


Quantum System Theory Research Team is working on the quantum theory of condensed matter with a focus on spin and phase coherent phenomena in semiconducting and magnetic nanostructures. In particular, the team investigates the fundamental principles of quantum information processing in the solid state with a focus on spin qubits, superconducting qubits, and Majorana fermions. This involves the study of decoherence in many-body systems and scalable quantum computing architectures based on surface codes and long-distance entanglement schemes. The group also studies nuclear spin phases and many-body effects in low-dimensional systems with spin orbit interaction, and quantum transport of magnetization.

Research Fields

- Spin and phase-coherent phenomena in semiconducting and magnetic nanostructures
- spin qubits, decoherence, Cooper pair splitter, many-body effects and nuclear spins
- quantum computing and quantum coherence
- Majorana fermions and topological states of matter


Daniel Loss

Team Leader loss.daniel[at]riken.jp R

Peter Stano

Senior Research Scientist peter.stano[at]riken.jp

Pasquale Marra

Postdoctoral Researcher

Chen-Hsuan Hsu

Postdoctoral Researcher chen-hsuan.hsu[at]riken.jp


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