63rd CEMS Colloquium


上妻 幹旺 (東京工業大学 教授)


2018年7月25日(水) 17:30~18:30


理化学研究所 大河内ホール




 Vehicle position can be estimated by using both accelerometers and gyroscopes. Such estimation on the self-position is called the inertial navigation which enables supplementing the Global Positioning System (GPS) or Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) vulnerable to radio disturbance. Recently we have started a new project to implement high-performance of inertial navigation system applicable to a self-driving car, an autonomous ship, and also seabed resource exploration. Currently, the accuracy of the inertial navigation is restricted by the performance of the gyroscope. This project is aiming to drastically improve the performance of gyroscope that can be mounted on various vehicles by using quantum de Broglie wave of cold atoms. In the presentation, not only vehicle position estimation but also a byproduct of the high-performance inertial navigation system is proposed and discussed.