CEMS Symposium on Trends in Condensed Matter Physics

CEMS Symposium on
Trends in Condensed
Matter Physics

November 6-8, 2017
Saitama, Japan


Invited Speakers

Dai Aoki (IMR, Tohoku University)
“Turing ferromagnetic fluctuations and Fermi surface instabilities in field-induced ferromagnetic superconductors”
Vincent Cros (Unité Mixte de Physique CNRS/Thales)
“Room temperature nucleation, electrical detection and spin torque induced motion of magnetic skyrmions in magnetic multilayers”
Xi Dai (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
“Non-collinear magnetic structure and multipolar order in Eu2Ir2O7
Claudia Felser (MPI Dresden)
“Weyl semimetals and beyond!”
Manfred Fiebig (ETH Zürich)
“Dynamic quantum-criticality of heavy fermions”
Sumio Ishihara (Tohoku University)
“Ultrafast photoinduced dynamics in correlated electron magnet”
Daniel I. Khomskii (University of Cologne)
“Orbital-selective effects in transition metal compounds: “molecules” in solids against magnetism”
Shuichi Murakami (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
“Topology and transport in inversion-asymmetric crystals”
Stuart S.P. Parkin (MPI Halle)
“Chiral domain walls and magnetic anti-skyrmions”
Christian Pfleiderer (Technische Universität München)
“Stability and emergent electrodynamics of skyrmions”
Silvia Picozzi (CNR-SPIN)
“Electrical control of spin-texture in non-magnetic ferroelectrics”
Masatoshi Sato (Kyoto University)
“Superconducting topological materials”
Takafumi Sato (Tohoku University)
“Novel electronic states of topological nodal semimetals studied by ARPES”
Takuya Satoh (Kyushu University)
“Optical excitation of magnons in antiferromagnets”
Katsuya Shimizu (Osaka University)
“Superconductivity and structural studies of highly compressed sulfur hydride systems”
Yoshihiko Togawa (Osaka Prefecture University)
“Phase coherence of chiral soliton lattice in chiral magnetic crystals”
Yayu Wang (Tsinghua University)
“Tuning magnetic order and edge state transport in topological insulators”


Taka-hisa Arima (The University of Tokyo & RIKEN CEMS)
“Toward resonant soft x-ray magnetization imaging”
Ryotaro Arita (RIKEN CEMS)
“Superconductivity in topological materials: Insights from superconducting density functional theory”
Hazuki Furukawa (Ochanomizu University & RIKEN CEMS)
“Vortex lattice studies on exotic superconductors”
Tetsuo Hanaguri (RIKEN CEMS)
“Discontinuous phase transition in the superconducting state at the nematic critical point of FeSe1-xSx
Kyoko Ishizaka (The University of Tokyo & RIKEN CEMS)
“Polar domains and surface states in a Weyl semimetal”
Yoshihiro Iwasa (The University of Tokyo & RIKEN CEMS)
“Giant thermoelectric power factor in monolayer FeSe”
Masashi Kawasaki (The University of Tokyo & RIKEN CEMS)
“Topological functionalities in quantum materials”
Naoto Nagaosa (RIKEN CEMS & The University of Tokyo)
“Nonreciprocal responses in solids”
Naoki Ogawa (RIKEN CEMS)
“Directional photocontrol of electron & spin”
Yasujiro Taguchi (RIKEN CEMS)
“Skyrmions at zero field and above room temperature”
Yoshinori Tokura (RIKEN CEMS & The University of Tokyo)
“Dynamical responses from magnetic skyrmions and monopoles”