The 2nd CEMS International Symposium on Dynamics in Artificial Quantum Systems

Invited Speakers

Mete Atatüre (University of Cambridge)
Generating nonlocal quantum correlations between distant quantum-dot spins via optical measurement
Jean-Philippe Brantut (EPFL)
Quantum transport experiments with cold atoms
Aashish Clerk (The University of Chicago)
Exploiting two-photon driving in circuit QED: synthetic strong coupling and entangled cat states
Antonio Córcoles (IBM)
Redefining metrics in near-term devices for quantum information processing
Keisuke Fujii (Kyoto University)
Efficient simulation of quantum error correction under coherent error based on non-unitary free-fermionic formalism
Toshimasa Fujisawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Non-equilibrium dynamics in a quantum-Hall Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid
Hiroki Ikegami (RIKEN CEMS)
Topological phenomena and relativistic fermions in superfluid 3He
Blake Johnson (Rigetti Computing)
Scaling up a superconducting qubit lattice with parametric gates
Jungsang Kim (Duke University)
Progress towards a trapped ion quantum computer
Takis Kontos (ENS Paris)
Synthetic spin orbit interaction for Majorana devices
Hideo Kosaka (Yokohama National University)
Holonomic quantum manipulation of diamond qubits
Thaddeus Ladd (HRL Laboratories)
Isotopically enhanced triple-dot qubits in SiGe
Peter Lodahl (Niels Bohr Institute)
Single-photon quantum technology with quantum dots
Charles Marcus (Niels Bohr Institute)
The experimental status of Majorana zero modes in semiconductor-superconductor hybrids
Andrea Morello (University of New South Wales)
Scaling up single-atom spin qubits in silicon
Takashi Nakajima (RIKEN CEMS)
Rapid single and two-qubit manipulations of electron spins in a GaAs triple quantum dot
Makoto Negoro (Osaka University)
NMR implementation of quantum reservoir computing
Atsushi Noguchi (The University of Tokyo)
Quantum hybrid systems with surface acoustic waves
Ahmed Omran (Harvard University)
Probing many-body dynamics on a 51-atom quantum simulator
Gerhard Rempe (Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics)
Quantum nonlinear optics with distinguishable and indistinguishable photons
Pedram Roushan (Google Inc.)
Spectral signatures of many-body localization of interacting photons
Amir Safavi-Naeini (Stanford University)
Laser cooling of single-mode phononic wires and quantum electro-optics
Harald Schwefel (University of Otago)
Efficient microwave to optical photon conversion: an electro-optical realisation
Shuntaro Takeda (The University of Tokyo)
Optical hybrid quantum teleportation and its application to large-scale quantum computing
Tim Taminiau (QuTech)
Diamond quantum networks for distributed quantum computation
Masahito Ueda (RIKEN CEMS & The University of Tokyo)
Zeno Hall effect
Andreas Wallraff (ETH Zurich)
Deterministic generation of remote entanglement with microwave photons
Amir Yacoby (Harvard University)
Singlet triplet spin qubits in the rotating frame
Fumiki Yoshihara (NICT)
Inversion of qubit energy levels in deep-strongly-coupled qubit-oscillator circuits
Zhen-Sheng Yuan (University of Science and Technology of China)
Atomic spin entanglement and anyonic fractional statistics in an optical lattice