20th Anniversary of Superconducting Qubits: Progress and Future Directions (SQ20th)

Speakers & Chairpersons

Invited speakers

Oleg Astafiev (Skoltech, and Royal Holloway, University of London)
Charge quantum interference device
Patrice Bertet (CEA Saclay)
Circuit-QED-enhanced magnetic resonance
Alexandre Blais (University of Sherbrooke)
Quantum metamaterial for nondestructive microwave photon counting
Gianluigi Catelani (Jülich Research Center)
Measuring and controlling quasiparticles in superconducting qubits
Andrew Cleland (The University of Chicago)
Acoustic phonon Fock states and phonon-mediated quantum entanglement
Aashish Clerk (The University of Chicago)
Driven-dissipative nonlinear cavities: new exact solution methods
Frank Deppe (Walther-Meissner Institute)
Secure quantum remote state preparation of squeezed microwave states
Michel Devoret (Yale University)
A stabilized logical quantum bit encoded in grid states of a superconducting cavity
Leonardo DiCarlo (QuTech and TUDelft)
Protecting quantum entanglement from leakage during repeated error correction cycles
Keisuke Fujii (Osaka University)
Applications of noisy-intermediate-scale quantum computing for machine learning and quantum simulation
Michael Hatridge (University of Pittsburgh)
Improving parametric amplifiers with multiple parametric drives
Andrew Houck (Princeton University)
Intrinsically error-protected superconducting qubits
Benjamin Huard (ENS Lyon)
Photocounting using multiplexed readout of the fluorescence of a coupled qubit
Andrew Jordan (University of Rochester)
Measuring superconducting qubits: quantum trajectories to quantum sensing
Abhinav Kandala (IBM)
Error-mitigated quantum computation with noisy superconducting qubits
Dany Lachance-Quirion (The University of Tokyo)
Detection of magnons in the quantum regime with a superconducting qubit
Mazyar Mirrahimi (INRIA)
Cat qubits: scaling
Atsushi Noguchi (The University of Tokyo)
Quantum gate with a radiation pressure interaction between superconducting qubits
Kevin O'Brien (MIT)
Josephson Traveling Wave Parametric Ampli ers (JTWPAs)
Isil Ozfidan (D-Wave Systems)
Demonstration of nonstoquastic Hamiltonian in coupled superconducting flux qubits
Oskar Painter (Caltech)
Channeling quantum interactions: experiments in waveguide QED with superconducting quantum circuits
Britton Plourde (Syracuse University)
Building an interface between superconducting qubits and cryogenic digital circuitry
Hugues Pothier (CEA Saclay)
Probing and manipulating Andreev bound states
Robert Schoelkopf (Yale University)
Hardware-efficient quantum error correction
David Schuster (The University of Chicago)
Modular superconducting quantum computing
Kouichi Semba (NICT)
Light-matter interaction beyond strong coupling in circuit QED
Luyan Sun (Tsinghua University)
Experimental quantum error correction with binomial bosonic codes
John Teufel (NIST)
Ultrastrong parametric coupling in microwave optomechanical circuits
Andreas Wallraff (ETH Zurich)
Single photon detectors, parity measurements and heralded cat states in the microwave domain
Theodore White (Google)
Superconducting qubits at the threshold of quantum supremacy
Frank Wilhelm-Mauch (Saarland University)
Control and coherence in high-fidelity gate design
Xiaobo Zhu (University of Science and Technology of China)
Genuine 12-Qubit entanglement on a superconducting quantum processor

Invited session chairpersons

Per Delsing(Chalmers University of Technology)
Daniel Esteve(CEA Saclay)
David Haviland(KTH Stockholm)
Liang Jiang(Yale University)
Hans Mooij(TU Delft)
Franco Nori(RIKEN and University of Michigan)
William Oliver(MIT)
Gerd Schön(Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
Alexey Ustinov(Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
Göran Wendin(Chalmers University of Technology)