CEMS Topical Meeting on

Organic Photoelectronics: Theory, Materials, Interfaces, and Spectroscopy

July 25–26, 2019
Suzuki Umetaro Hall, RIKEN


Research on optoelectronic devices using organic semiconductors is at a mature stage, and researches aimed at applications such as display elements and lighting by organic light emitting devices, flexible integrated circuits by organic transistors, and self-sustaining power supplies by organic thin film solar cells are actively conducted in recent years. On the other hand, the research of organic electronics is subdivided, and it is necessary to have a comprehensive discussion on the essential physical properties of organic semiconductors that is commonly important for the applications.

This topical meeting provides an opportunity to discuss on the latest topics such as theoretical developments and trends in material design, control of material interfaces, and their optical analysis methods, with regard to the optoelectronic properties of organic semiconductors. We seek a wide range of opinions on the direction and future prospects of organic electronics.


本Topical Meetingは、有機半導体の光電子物性について、理論的な進展と材料設計のトレンド、材料界面の制御とそれらの光学的分析手法など、用途を超えた観点から最近の話題について議論し、今後の方向性と将来展望に関して幅広い意見を求めるための機会の一つとして開催するものである。

Organized by

RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science (CEMS)